Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Activities!

We started all of our Easter activities with a fun neighborhood easter egg hunt on Thursday. Then on Friday me and the kids went to St. George and colored eggs with all of the cousins. And on Saturday we headed to the hills by Enterprise to have a picnic and play.It rained for like five minutes right when it was time to do the egg hunt but these crazies were all still stoked!Beck may have got just a tad bit distracted with hunting grasshoppers. I love how easily they get distracted when they are small and that they can take the time to care about cute little things even in the middle of an egg hunt race, with candy everywhere. Cute momentsThe littles all lined up to do they egg toss. We all have an egg with our name on it and throw it at a money egg. Whoever gets their egg the closest wins the money. We do 3 different age groups and I have yet to win the adult category! Next year it's mine though ;)Throwing our eggs at targets. We usually roll them down a hill but we couldn't find a very good one so we improvised this year.The Easter bunny found our house and spoiled the kids as usual. My adorable kiddos in their new sunday clothes all ready for church.

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